S’Cool LAB ( is an international out-of-school hands-on learning laboratory for high-school students at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. During workshops in S’Cool LAB, students (age group 16-19) work with high-tech equipment to independently perform modern physics experiments that are linked to CERN’s technologies and physics. Students’ conceptions about modern physics experiments, their satisfaction with their visit of S’Cool LAB as well as their learning gain are continuously evaluated via a Moodle platform in the framework of dissertation project in Physics Education Research to ensure the development of meaningful learning activities.

The success of S’Cool LAB is based on a young and dynamic team, in which you would play an integral part as Web/Software developer and IT support.

The assigned tasks include:

  • Maintain and extend our Moodle installation (open source learning platform)
  • Design and modules creation for websites in Drupal
  • Management of database systems
  • Development of a HTML/JS GUI for an embedded systems platform to guide students through experiments about radioactivity
  • Installation of Windows PCs, administration of our network and Linux servers
  • General technical support for S’Cool LAB


Training Value

This is a great opportunity to gain practical experience in providing support in a dynamic environment and develop a system for usage in education, whilst improving skills within an international organization.