CERN Jobs Status

Open Reference number Dept Headline CVs received* Publication Longlist Pre-Screening Shortlist Hiring
HSE-FB-TEC-2017-231-LD HSE Professional Firefighter in the Technological Risks section 165 LONGLIST
TH-SP-2017-232-LD TH Theoretical Physicist 8 PRE-SCREENING
HSE-FB-ALS-2017-238-LD HSE Firefighter (Advanced Life Support) 181 PRE-SCREENING
EP-SFT-2018-4-LD EP Scientific Software Librarian 27 HIRING
EN-CV-PJ-2018-13-LD EN Cooling and Ventilation Engineer 120 HIRING
EP-DI-2018-16-LD EP Experimental Physicist 74 HIRING
EP-DT-DD-2018-20-LD EP Specialist in Silicon Detectors and Interconnect Technologies 24 HIRING
TE-MPE-EM-2018-26-LD TE Electronics Technical Engineer 92 HIRING
HR-CB-2018-27-LD HR Compensation and Benefits Specialist 80 HIRING
TE-MPE-PE-2018-29-LD TE Applied Physicist in the field of Accelerators 51 HIRING
TE-VSC-SCC-2017-173-LD TE Chemist for chemical characterization of materials and surfaces 196 HIRING
IT-CF-FPP-2018-30-LD IT Computing Engineer 43 HIRING
EP-LBD-2018-32-LD EP Applied Physicist with extensive software development skills 26 SHORTLIST
EN-EL-FC-2017-186-LD EN Electrical Engineer (DC power cabling) 61 SHORTLIST
FAP-ACC-PA-2018-34-LD FAP Payroll Manager 55 HIRING
EN-SMM-ASG-2018-36-LD EN Survey Technician 45 PRE-SCREENING
EN-SMM-MTA-2018-35-LD EN Test and Measurements Engineer 78 PRE-SCREENING
TE-MSC-MDT-2017-236-LD TE Mechanical Technician - Technicien en mécanique 35 HIRING
EN-CV-LHC-2017-217-LD EN Electromechanical Technician (Cooling and Ventilation) 44 HIRING
HR-SA-2018-37-LD HR Administrative Assistant 13 PRE-SCREENING